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Pre-Wedding Functions? It is Haldi Ceremony

Though Haldi is a traditional Indian function, it is more of a fun celebration with intimate friends & relatives. These days, every bride-to-be would not miss a chance to organize this yellow-themed function. Organizing a Haldi ceremony is not all about asking your friends & family to dress up in yellow. A lot of planning goes into it -from choosing the venue to the decor, creating a playlist to food & entertainment. 

Celebrate with Magnolia

We, Magnolia Events, have organized Haldi ceremonies in Kerala over the years. Considering the guest size, we will help you choose the venue. Or, if you prefer the venue at your own house, just say the word and we will do the rest.  We will set the mood of the day and are happy to experiment with your ideas as well.

You don’t have to worry about getting the yellow-themed decors, props or playlists. We know Haldi is all about fun, so we have entertainers & Dj’s to set the vibe of the function. While planning, we will make it a point to leave plenty of time for dance, music & games. Also, if you are planning to give a ‘Thank you’ gift, we are happy to arrange that as well.

Don’t worry about your style for the day. For the bride to stand out from all the yellow-dressed guests, we have got designers & makeup artists. All you have to do is relax and we will enhance your day through the yellow hues.

Haldi Ceremony
haldi ceremony

Capturing the Haldi Moments

Haldi photography and videography are filled with so much passion, fun & emotions. Every snap with the bride covered with turmeric paste has a sentiment. But, the photography team has to be supported by a good sound system & lighting to get those natural shots. For instance, you can’t get natural peals of laughter & fun captured in the videography if the sound system is too loud. And if the sound system is too low, it will affect the vibe. We, at Magnolia, know the centerline. If you have us as the event management team and also a great photography team like Framehunt, you could shine in the yellow hue. 


By Framehunt Photography

Haldi ceremony event photos
Haldi ceremony event photos
haldi ceremony

Magnolia works with some of the best wedding engagement photographers to bring out the best in your big day. Also, with so much experience and rapport together, the photography teams work perfectly in sync with our event management teams. Take a look at some of the mesmerizing photos crafted by one such leading wedding photography studio in Kerala, Framehunt.

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